Angelica Garcia

2  I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV by immigrant parents from Mexico. My parents were raised Catholic and my 5 siblings and myself were raised Catholic until my mom was born again when I was eight years old. We as a family prayed the sinners prayer. From that point on I was exposed to the preaching of the Gospel, prayer meetings, youth revivals etc…I was even baptized in the Holy Ghost at the age of fourteen. On the other hand I was being sexually molested, verbally and mentally abused. I was tormented by demons at night and lived in a constant fear and paranoia. The combination of all this made me very angry, bitter, resentful and violent. I began consuming alcohol and drugs by the age of twelve and tried to commit suicide at the age of fourteen. I had Jesus in my heart but my life was going from bad to worse. The turning point came when I got pregnant out of wedlock. Now I had Jesus in my heart but I was not serving him. I was scared and woke up to the fact that I needed to radically change but only God could change me! I surrendered my life to Him and vowed to serve Him at the age of nineteen. I recently heard a Pastor say; “IT DOES MATTER WHO TEACHES YOU.” I may have surrendered my life to the Lord but I was a very disfunctional person with many issues. I needed someone who could see past the individual that pain had created and teach me the love of God that transforms broken, hurt, lost individuals into NEW Creature’s in Christ. God new who I needed and He brought me my spiritual mother Pastor Maria a year prior to my surrender. It’s been 28 years and all old things have passed away and behold I am a New Creature in Christ.